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For the last 30 years, trenchless rehabilitation technologies - which allow for the completion of underground repair or replacement projects with minimal surface and environmental disruption - have steadily gained ground on traditional "dig and replace" methods. IPR was founded, and built, on the core belief that trenchless infrastructure solutions are critical to bringing the nation's aging and damaged water, sewer, and industrial infrastructure back to standard.

We are the nation's largest environmentally friendly trenchless underground solutions provider.
Through a combination of internal growth and acquisition, IPR has become the largest trenchless underground rehabilitation contractor in the nation. IPR is also focused on becoming the most environmentally-friendly provider, as it continues to develop and introduce "green" technologies as part of their product and service offering

Pioneering new processes.
From record breaking pipe bursting and epoxy resin based CIPP systems, to advanced geopolymer liner technologies, IPR continues to fuel the trenchless industry innovation engine. IPR is committed to investing in new product development ,and partnering with leading-edge technology companies, to develop the next generation of advanced, eco-friendly rehabilitation methods. To that end, we offer can our customers more than one solution to best fit the project, the budget, and environmental conditions.